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The Problem of Evil The book The Problem of Evil addresses some aspects of the perennial question of, if God exists, why is there so much evil and suffering on the earth.

In our sad and restless world desperately trying to find a way to love and peace but largely encountering wars, violence, hate, and selfishness, many are asking why this is so. If there is a God, why does He allow evil? Why such man’s inhumanity to man when humans are also capable of incredibly heroic and loving deeds? Why such paradoxes as amazing technological advances on the one hand and great moral depravity, greed, and disregard for the well-being of others on the other?

Theologians, philosophers and common people alike have pondered these questions for millennia. This book doesn’t by any means claim to have all the answers, but presents a few ideas for consideration. It addresses topics such as the origin of evil, cause and effect, influence of evil spirits, as well as suggesting some solutions, especially on the individual level, where all change that we desire to see around us has to start.

This book The Problem of Evil is presently only available as an e-book. A free PDF copy can be downloaded from this web page.

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