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Pathway to Life

Pathway to Life Through the Holy Scriptures is for readers who desire to become better acquainted with the Word of God. The basic teachings of the Bible are presented in a concise and systematic manner, whereby thirty-six topics are organized under twelve broad themes. The book strives to offer a balanced, non-denominational understanding of the Christian message. Numerous scriptural passages support the material presented. Both individuals and small groups can benefit from the information.


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Readers’ Comments

I love your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures. You write in such a respectful tone, and reverent manner about God.
Margaret (Thornlands, Australia)

I have read your book and been impressed by the thorough manner in which you have written it — the detailed explanation of each topic.
Sadie (Thornlands, Australia)

I really love your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures and am looking forward to reading it in detail. Congratulations on your good work. Everything is so excellently designed – the text, the Scripture references, and the pictures. It all fits together so well. The title of the book, too, is beautiful. Readers will be able to learn from the Scriptures and receive a good understanding of the gospel message. The book is really well produced. I will pray for its success. It can be sold anywhere in the world – perhaps it could be sold through Christian book clubs.
Christel (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

I have just started to read your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures, and what a treasure it is!  This will be most definitely my daily study book. I couldn’t help it to look into some of the chapters in the middle of the book. I have also noticed that in the Introduction pages you have included  my comments.  I was touched by that.  Thank you.
Liba (Capalaba, Australia)

I have found your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures, very meaningful to me – it explains so much I didn’t know before. I’d like to give a copy to my daughter.
Margaret (Thornlands, Australia)

This book is excellent. Trina (Cleveland, Australia)

Your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures, is a fantastic study book. It is well written and very informative. I enjoy studying now more than ever. I am reading a chapter from your book every day. Trying to read first through the whole book, making notes and then will reread it again including all of the references. I am amazed how you managed to put it so well together. Thank you for compiling such a great book. The book is so well written and if anybody who reads it gets as much inspiration and pleasure as I do, that should please both of you. I believe that you were inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Presently I am at the part about praying. … When I finish the book, I will start reading it again and go through all of the references included in it.
Liba (Capalaba, Australia)

I am enjoying your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures. It is very comprehensive. I am amazed how much you have managed to put into it. Col (Victoria Point, Australia) I just love this book. We should have Bible studies based on it.
Helen (Victoria Point, Australia)

I congratulate you on a nicely done book. The cover fits the theme very well, and the print is attractive and readable. The photos came out well also. It is good that the book is non-denominational.
Henry (Cleveland, Australia)

I am still reading for the second time your book, Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures. Each time I find something interesting.  It is a great study book.
Liba (Capalaba, Australia) 


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