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Fulfillments of Old Testament TypesFulfillments of Old Testament Types shows in a nutshell how certain persons, events, observances, and rituals are reflected, in type or anti-type, in spiritual realities of the New Testament – in Jesus’ life and teachings, the church, and the Christian journey.

The Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible) is appropriated by both Christianity and Judaism. The Jews accept these scriptures as their physical and spiritual history, as well as prophecy of a Messiah and restoration of their nation. Christians see them as their roots and history, as well as being fulfilled in Jesus Christ and the church. That being the case, let’s look at the Old Testament with its commands and rituals to see their fulfillment as types and anti-types in the spiritual realities of New Testament church.

The book starts with a thumbnail sketch of Old Testament history. It needs to be noted that the biblical account is based in reality, but is also a mythological history of a segment of humanity experiencing divine intervention. Over time, as oral tradition and old records had been viewed from a retrospective perspective, the present Old Testament record, much of which started being compiled during and after the Babylonian exile in the sixth century B.C., had been embellished by imagination and modified by new insights. However, myth and metaphor can be as powerful to present spiritual truths as are literal facts.

The material presented sometimes takes different turns to what is traditionally taught, providing alternatives of interpretation. So as we proceed, the reader is encouraged to remain open-minded and prayerfully consider whether the information in this booklet resonates as truth or not.

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