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The Experiencing Divine Love Series consists of four volumes and a fifth book which focuses on praying to experience Divine Love. The material is a compilation of conversations in a Facebook group. The topic range is quite large and includes the following and more:

Being Led onto the Divine Love Path

Prayer Practice

Background Music During Prayer

Approaching God as a Little Child

Experiencing Divine Love - 3What Goes on with the Reception of Divine Love?      Experiencing Divine Love - 4

Feelings Connected with Divine Love Inflowing
Connecting with God

Releasing Things that Come Up During Prayer

How “Free” Is Our Free Will?

Walking Both Divine Love Path and Natural Love Path

Divine-Human Cooperation

How to Pray for and Experience Divine LoveGoal of Spirituality

Soul Development versus Spiritual Development

Receiving Downloads

Receiving and Discerning Guidance

How Divine Love Changes Us

Change in Experience/Perception of God

Divine Love Changing Relationships

Inner Harmony Outside of Prayer Time

Being in the World But Not of It

Consciousness of the Mind Versus That of the Soul

Reaching the Father through Mother Earth

Doing God’s Work in Sleep State

Sharing Spiritual Insights with Others

Discipline in a Long-Distance Race

Causes and Consequences

All five books of the The Experiencing Divine Love Series are downloadable as PDFs from

Experiencing Divine Love-1

Experiencing Divine Love-2

Experiencing Divine Love-3

Experiencing Divine Love-4

How to Pray and Experience Divine Love
[Compilation of chapters on the topic from the other Volumes.]