Spirituality booksThe Nature of Soul and Spirit bookThis small book, The Nature of Soul and Spirit attempts to answer a question that many have been wondering about — the difference between the two.

Many years ago, I was ministering to a truth seeker and that was one of the questions that she really wanted an answer to. The Bible sometimes seems to use these two terms interchangeably and also spirit may have more than one meaning.

In this message, Jesus tells us about our souls and also comments on the meaning of “spirit”. More insights about soul and spirit come from this message which in time order was given earlier. Other mediated message are also drawn on and referenced in the book, as is the Holy Bible.

The material presented sometimes takes different turns to what is traditionally taught, based on extra-biblical revelation or providing alternatives of interpretation. So readers are encouraged to remain open-minded and prayerfully consider whether the information in this booklet resonates as truth or not.

The Nature of Soul and Spirit is presently available only as a PDF and can be freely downloaded here.

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