Nature's BeautyThe book, Nature’s Beauty features digital photos taken by Jindrich (Henry) Degen in south-east Queensland, near Brisbane, Australia, over a period of years. Many of the photos, arranged under ten categories, have an artistic flair. Inspirational quotations complement the artistic-photographic beauty.

Through colourful photos, Nature’s Beauty takes readers on a journey to the Australian bush, seaside, parks, and gardens. It draws their attention to the beauty of the skies, water reflections, sometimes camouflaged living creatures, and flower close-ups. The pictorial record is arranged under the following ten categories:

Sky and Sea
Flower Close-Ups
Living Things
Red, Green and Brown


About the Photographer

A respected local artist, Jindrich (Henry) Degen has taken photos in natural settings from the perspective of the artist as a photographer. Indeed, quite a few of Jindrich’s artistic photos have also become the subject of his paintings.

In Nature’s Beauty, Jindrich continues his exploration of artistic photography featured in his first photography book, Floral and Nature Art. This publication again shows Jindrich’s keen imagination with which he perceives meaning in ordinary objects of nature, thereby giving many of his photos an artistic flair.

While Jindrich only purchased a digital camera a few years ago, he is no newcomer to photography. Since his youth, long before automatic camera setting and in-home photo printers, he has taken black and white photos as well as developing, printing and enlarging them.


Preview and Purchase Information

Nature’s Beauty has a limited circulation, but it is available to purchase. To preview or buy the book, click here or on the image.

For Jindrich Degen’s other photography book and online photo gallery, as well as his art and art books showing his numerous and varied art forms, visit his website.  See also Floral and Nature Art.


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