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Answers to Prayer bookThe book Answers to Prayer presents information on having one’s prayers answered, as well as on becoming more aware of receiving answers to prayer.

Humans tend to be self-sufficient when all is well in their lives, but when things go seriously wrong, they almost instinctively reach out to something / someone beyond them – Higher Power, God, the Universe, Great Spirit, or whatever their concept of this Being may be. Even those who don’t believe in God, if they are desperate enough, will call out for help – just in case “someone” out there may hear. When it seems that things cannot get any worse, help from beyond is the only hope. And often delivery does come – and perhaps also a turning point in the person’s life.

Even when life goes relatively well, the cares and troubles of day-to-day living could be reduced if people realized that they are spiritual beings – God’s children – with great resources at their disposal. They need not depend upon themselves alone, but have a loving heavenly Father who is always ready to receive their prayers with open arms, and answer them benevolently when petitioned for with true yearning. According to the Law of Prayer, which is activated by His children’s prayers, for every sincere and unselfish prayer, God is more than willing to answer it in the best interests of the supplicant.

Many believe that prayer is a chance kind of endeavor; that is, that some of their prayers may be answered and some may not. However, beyond this thinking is a reality that would make each prayer offered in love and sincerity one that would be incapable of not being answered.

People recognize and accept that they have their part to play in the offering of a prayer, but they may understand little of the Father’s obligation to answer those prayers in a benevolent fashion.

Some prayers are answered through God’s instrumentalities – the Celestial angels and other high spirits – and some are answered directly by the Father Himself.

This book explores the question of how your prayers may be answered and what you can do to increase the chances of having all your needs and many desires met through believing prayer.


This book is presently only available as an e-book. A free PDF copy can be downloaded from this web page.

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