A Little Artistic CollageHow A Little Artistic Collage Came to Be


We, the co-authors and compilers, created A Little Artistic Collage to celebrate Jindrich’s 97th birthday. This would be a special milestone for anyone, and in this case certainly is so when we consider the unexpected health challenges and multiple hospital stays that Jindrich experienced in the first half of 2019.

A truism is aptly expressed by these words: “Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).
We journeyed with Jindrich as he was assailed more than once by a serious urinary tract infection (UTI). Alongside this and other health issues, the prescribed medications regrettably added to the havoc that the UTI was causing to his mind and body. With the UTI diagnosis, a sizable and spiky urinary tract stone was discovered. The doctors recommended to have it surgically removed. All this was understandably physically and mentally challenging.

After three months of in-and-out hospital stays, Jindrich began recovering. He is still able to live in his own home and to take care of most of his needs. We have been glad to see Jindrich return to artwork, writing a few poems, and taking photos in his garden with his iPhone camera.

We decided to produce this small book,  for him to rejoice in his recovery. And so, A Little Artistic Collage has been born and is intended to capture and celebrate Jindrich’s creativity as he reaches the age of 97 years!
Jindrich’s artwork from past years, and his more recent poetic expression (in Czech or English), as well as a few of our unpublished poems, have been divided into five sections of this small book as follows:

“Such is the Life”
Whatever the Weather
New Year’s Wishes and Aspirations
From Morning to Night
Pictures at the Exhibition

Alexander and Eva Peck


The book is presently available only as a PDF and is downloadable at A Little Artistic Collage.

To read some other of Henry’s Czech poetry, visit his website.  See also Contemporary Verse and Free Verse both composed by Jindrich Degen, which can be purchased as paperbacks, as can be his art books.