Artistic Inspirations - budgetArtistic Inspirations is a collection of 200 of Jindrich (Henry) Degen’s paintings, that has been arranged by his daughter, Eva, with assistance from her husband Alexander. Jindrich actively participated in selecting, editing, titling, and categorizing each work of art in the book.



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Information about the Artist

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1923, Jindrich (Henry) Degen has enjoyed drawing since childhood. After completing secondary education, he decided to pursue his other great interest, music, following in the footsteps of his father. From 1943 until 1979, he performed as principal oboist in various symphony and opera orchestras in Prague, Gothenburg (Sweden), and Australia (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra). He also published music arrangements for students of oboe – 20 Easy Etudes; Duettes for Oboe; and Orchester-Studien für Oboe.

After his retirement in 1979, Jindrich moved from Melbourne to Queensland where he began devoting himself to art. While living on the Sunshine Coast, he took a four-year art course at a TAFE institute (Technical And Further Education). Later in the Redlands, as a member of the Yurara Art Society, he has taken part in workshops conducted by prominent artists, Irene Amos, Jan Jefferies, Jack Oudyn, and Michael John Taylor.  

Jindrich’s subject repertoire is diverse, and is directed by his personal mood or idea at the time. He enjoys painting realistic subjects, such as themes from nature, townscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Through colourful abstract or semi-abstract art, he tries to express his subconscious feelings in images on paper or canvas using various media (acrylic, pastel, water colour, and oil).

A respected local artist, Jindrich takes part in various art activities and exhibitions, especially those of the Yurara Art Society. He has also held several personal exhibitions in the Redland Art Gallery and elsewhere.

More about Jindrich (Henry) Degen, as well as several galleries of his artwork, can be found on his website. 


Comments about Jindrich Degen’s Art

Thank you for your paintings in which I see light and hope. I like the harmony of colours and shapes which give the impression of movement. Your artwork reflects optimism.
Ali D. (United Kingdom)

The colours in Jindrich’s art are very positive, reflecting optimism, as well as purity and wholesomeness. His versatility is amazing – the way his artwork ranges from impressionism and abstract to portraits and still lifes.
Col B. (Australia)

I like colours, freedom, and the resulting joy. This is exactly what I feel when I look at Jindrich’s pictures. I can imagine having some of them in my home.
Radka S. (Czech Republic)

I looked through Jindrich’s artworks and found them fascinating. I especially like the painting “In the Forest.” There I feel that I understand the forest – being able to perceive how it lives, grows, and receives nourishment from the roots.
Drahomira O. (Czech Republic)

Many thanks for the gifts that you have brought to us all through your long life of music and art.  We are all the richer for your presence!  I was interested to see so many mandala-like pieces – conveying a sense of completion – though I think my favourite work is “In the Forest”. Once again, thanks for the inspiration!
Erica M. (Australia)


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