Spirituality booksAntidote to Fear and Anxiety: Fear of GodThe small book, Antidote to Fear and Anxiety: Fear of God, explains what is a healthy “fear of God” and how it can work as an antidote to fear and anxiety.

God is love. Yet, God commands us to “fear Him” and says that He takes pleasure in us when we do. Why? Does he enjoy us being afraid of him? As parents, we don’t want our children to be afraid of us. We want them to love us and enjoy being with us.

So, in what sense are we to fear God, our heavenly Father? Why does the Old Testament frequently, and even the New in a few instances, encourage humans to “fear of the Lord”– 70 or more times throughout the Bible?

By the same token, fear of and by itself is discouraged more than 70 times. What is the difference, and what exactly is the fear of God that we are supposed to cultivate as opposed to the wrong kind of fear, which we are to avoid and which God’s perfect Love casts out?

The book examines the Bible texts and insights from spiritual teachers knowledgeable in the original Greek and Hebrew languages regarding this mysterious “fear” to see what they say. Readers may be surprised to find that “fear of God” is a very different the fear of man and circumstances, and that it is actually an antidote to the fear and anxiety that many are facing in these times of pandemic, violence, uncertainty, economic woes, natural disasters, political realignments and hot and cold wars.

Let’s find out more about the fear of God that the Bible encourages us to cultivate and the wrong kind of fear that we are to remove from our lives.

The book, Antidote to Fear and Anxiety: Fear of God, is available as a free PDF download from here.  It is presently not available as Kindle or paperback.