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As mentioned, Pathway Publishing has two main arms — books on spirituality and books on the arts. This section features mainly books on Christian spirituality from a fresh perspective written by Eva Peck or co-written with Alex Peck.

The books (available both in print and electronic versions at various outlets) include the Divine Reflections trilogy, written by Eva Peck, which explores how everyday natural phenomena mirror spiritual realities; Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures, which gives a comprehensive overview of basic Bible teachings; and Journey to the Divine Within through Silence, Stillness and Simplicity which deals with aspects of Christian meditation.

See a video trailer for the Divine Reflections trilogy.

Each book is described in more detail in the following pages, including where it can be previewed and purchased, as well as what readers have said about it.

At the moment, our inventory of books on spirituality contains:

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God’s Divine Love Is the Solution, Joan Warden (editor)

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