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Divine Reflections in Living Things Divine Reflections in Living Things explores what living things can show us about life and spiritual realities. The reality that daily surrounds us is far greater than what we can perceive with our limited senses. Countless camouflaged living things – both plants and animals – come across our paths but may totally escape our attention. In a similar way, there is camouflaged divinity in every nook and cranny of the created order. Divine Reflections in Living Things (as well as its two companion titles, Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons and Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena) encourage us to open our eyes and take a fresh look at what is around us – to see each living thing and every process as if for the first time. 

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Readers’ Comments

Thank you kindly for your book series Divine Reflections. I have skimmed through the previews and think that the books are indeed wonderful. I think Divine3-Kindlethat your work and words will be an inspiration to the many people that need them in this difficult world in which we are living. You have the experience, knowledge, ability and the spiritual background to reach out to people to give them hope. Well done!
Pauline G., Cairo, Egypt

Your style of writing is very readable and sympathetic, and the way you reflect on the beauties of nature is lovely. Your message and discussion is soft and gentle and makes the reader feel God’s love.
Margaret S., Thornlands, Australia

I found your book to be a blend of the cosmic Christ you have discovered in nature and the deep-rooted “word” which is imprinted in your heart.
Sadie M., Thornlands, Australia

The reflections on God’s creation were delightful – it is so true, as the Bible tells us in Romans, that we can see the proof of the Creator in His handiwork all around us.
Jan H., Mittagong, Australia

I really liked these reflections and feel like universal truths come through and the words spoken are honest. I especially like the part about “lessons from desert cats”. It is so sweet and delicate to think about animals in that way.
Lobat A., Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

It is amazing how God works. It is easy to see pigeons fighting, but very difficult to understand the messages they are sending. Thank God that He gives people wisdom to understand and share with others.
Francis F., Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

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