Variations - Exhibition of J. DegenVariations – Art Exhibition of Jindrich Degen captures the highlights of an art exhibition held by Jindrich (Henry) Degen in November 2013 at the Yurara Art Society gallery near Brisbane, Australia.

The book takes readers on a journey through an art show from its preparation to packing up. Its pictorial record includes:

Part 1 – Before the Exhibition
Exhibition Checklist
Invitation Card
Newspaper Article
Setting Up  

Part 2 – The Exhibition
Welcome to the Opening
Exhibits: Beauty of Flowers
Some of the Visitors
Exhibits: Walk Through Nature
Second Weekend Visitors
Exhibits: The Daily Cycle
Visitors’ Accolades
Exhibits: Ending on a High Note

Part 3 – After the Exhibition
All Good Things Must Come to an End
In Retrospect


Preview and Purchase Information

Because of its nature, Variations has limited circulation. To preview or purchase the book, click on the above link or the image.

For Jindrich’s other art and art books showing his numerous and varied art forms, visit his website . See also related art books Faces and Forms Across Time, Colour and Contrast and Artistic Inspirations.


Comments on the Exhibition

The following comments were written in the Guestbook.

Lovely and inspiring.
Amazing prolific work!
Wonderful work.
Inspirational work.
A great display and so versatile.
Great work.
Very talented – keep going!
Wonderfully varied show.
Great work, enjoyed exhibition.
Very good work.
I like everything!
Enjoyed lovely pictures!
Very nice and good art.
Jindrich’s artwork is impressive in its versatility.
Also it lifts the spirit.
Inspirational work.

Great art.
Incredibly interesting variants.
Interesting art.
Splendidly diverse.
Inspirational art.
Very talented!
Very impressive and varied.
Very talented artist!
Good on you, Henry!
Great work.
Interesting, very different.
Very versatile and satisfying.
Lovely to revisit the work of a very talented artist.
Very good paintings.
Henry, thanks so much. I love your work. xxxx


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